Stephanie Zakariasen

Stephanie has been with Advance for over 12 years, with six years as a FS Customer Service Supervisor before moving into her current role as a Relationship Manager. She started in invoicing and worked her way up through the department, from payroll to CSR to supervisor. This experience gave here a deep understanding of how all the different aspects of the business function, which enables her to help her clients with a wide variety of questions and requests. She loves problem solving, and doing the research to figure things out, and this role offers a lot of opportunity for that – it’s constant learning and growing, which keeps things fresh and interesting.

“I really focus on the Paychex values of Partnership and Service, as we have an amazing team here, always willing to help each other out and work collaboratively to solve problems, and customer service is the main goal of that teamwork. I enjoy working with my clients, building relationships and trust, and being a solid partner they can count on.”

She loves traveling, and has lived in or visited over 20 countries. She spent four years living in Europe, most of it in France: “I loved the time there. The food, architecture, art and languages are all very appealing to me, but ultimately there’s nothing like home and I came back to the US a few years before moving to Cleveland.” Her family origins are Scandinavian, so her two most recent international trips were see the glaciers, waterfalls, lagoons, and fjords of Norway and Iceland. She is married with two 3.5-year-old twins running around and talking up a storm.

Favorite food: cheese (especially triple-cream French cheeses, lol)

Favorite movie: Princess Bride or Inception

Favorite hobby: reading and traveling