Payroll Tax Services & Solutions
for Staffing & Consulting Firms

Payroll Tax Staffing Solutions

There’s no two ways around it - payroll tax has to be done, and it has to be done right.

At Advance Partners, we have a dedicated in-house tax department that is fully equipped to handle the burden of payroll tax administration in all 50 states. Our tax expertise is specifically on staffing, so unlike a general processor, we fully understand the intricacies or your business. Even if you have employees in multiple states, we have the resources to manage multiple tax deadlines and withholdings in every state.

Experienced Payroll Tax Consultants

Our payroll and tax solution specialists handle each step of the tax process.

  • Tax registration
  • Calculating employer and employee tax portion
  • Filing your payroll affiliated taxes
  • Making tax payments
  • Preparing and filing W2s, 1099s and other tax returns
  • Amending returns where necessary
  • Addressing payroll tax notices

Payroll affiliated taxes include:

  • Local withholding
  • State withholding
  • Federal withholding
  • Medicare
  • Amending returns where necessary

Payroll Services and tax challenges can be extremely time consuming, and even the smallest errors can have major consequences. Advance has the experience and resources to manage tax compliance in all states, and a proven system to file and pay taxes on-time.


Yes. We have a team of full-time, experienced tax professionals dedicated to payroll tax issues. We file quarterly payroll tax returns in all 50 states and prepared more than 100,000 W-2 and 1099 Forms last year.

Federal income tax affects staffing by influencing the financial decisions of both employers and employees. Employers must withhold taxes from employees’ wages and comply with tax regulations, while employees’ tax obligations impact their net income and overall compensation package, which can influence their job decisions and financial planning.