Payroll Processing & Timesheet Solutions for Staffing Firms

Finding quality candidates is hard enough – once you get them, you don’t want to lose them through avoidable errors like payroll mistakes. And making sure time is entered correctly is critically important for you to realize all the profits you have earned.

Payroll Processing

Our payroll processing services are designed specifically for staffing and recruiting firms and are included in the back office services offerings. We take your payroll data and our experts do all the processing needed to pay your employees. We can do paperless payroll processing via direct deposit or paycard, or we can print, stuff and ship the paychecks/stubs.


Gathering and confirming time data eats into your time that could be better spent running your temporary staffing or consulting firm. You can choose our fully integrated online timesheet software option that captures employee time and client approvals, or we can work with existing timesheets that come from Excel sheets, Vendor Management Systems, or your current open-source or cloud-based time tracking software.

We understand that each recruiting and staffing firm’s needs are unique, and that’s why our advanced payroll services and timekeeping processes can be tailored specifically to your needs. Your time is valuable, and we want to help. Start the conversation by requesting a free consultation today.


A payroll processing company handles various tasks related to employee compensation, including calculating wages, withholding taxes, processing payments, and generating tax forms. They ensure compliance with regulations and provide a streamlined solution for businesses to manage their payroll efficiently.

We require an invoice register, sent via fax, email, or on-line, with back-up invoices and time sheets.

Full Service clients enter timesheet data online.

Yes. We administer a wide array of payroll deductions such as health insurance premiums, garnishments, levies, uniform charges, etc.

Our routine payroll cycle is weekly, however, we can accommodate a wide variety of payroll cycles.

Yes. We also offer traditional paper checks as well as a paycard program and paperless paystubs.

Yes. We understand the need for flexibility and work with the individual needs of each client.

Less than 1% — any errors are remedied through our research department promptly.

With online timesheet software, recruitment and staffing firms capture data such as employee hours, attendance, and leave. They also track employee overtime, bonuses, and deductions.

Online timesheet and payroll software captures data such as employee hours, attendance, and leave. It also tracks employee overtime, bonuses, and deductions. This data is used to calculate employee salaries and generate paychecks.

Employee time tracking tool helps staffing and recruitment agencies in several ways. It simplifies the time tracking process, reduces errors in the payroll process, and saves time. This allows recruiters to focus on other aspects of their job, such as finding and hiring the best candidates. The software also improves employee productivity by tracking their work hours and attendance.