Mike Brew

Director of Sales and Marketing

Mike only recently joined Advance Partners, having spent the previous 16 years in leadership roles at Advance’s parent company, Paychex. Fortunately, Mike comes with loads of experience helping entrepreneurs grow and is expected to add value to our staffing firm clients after seeing first hand and being a huge part of what helped his mid-market and enterprise-level clients at Paychex become successful.

“Personally, I look to challenge myself in my career to learn new things and areas of the business,” Mike says. “The more perspective I can gain, the more I learn and the more I can help Paychex, Advance Partners and our customers succeed.”

Born and raised in the Rochester, NY, area, he’s a Buffalo Bills fan through and through, but football doesn’t hold a candle to his first love, soccer, which he played in both high school and college. He has even coached youth soccer since 2000, and currently coaches U9 girls travel for his oldest daughter’s team.

Mike is married with three children, and in his free time loves coaching, reading, driving mustangs, golfing, and watching the History Channel.


Favorite Food: Seafood – specifically from Iggy’s Doughboys in Narragansett Rhode Island

Favorite Movie: The Game

Favorite Hobby: Playing Soccer