4 Tips to Support Operational Sustainability

Operational SustainaibilitySustainability is defined as, “the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely.” So when it comes to your day-to-day operations, evaluating, refining and sustaining consistent behaviors is critical for long-term growth.

At Advance, we view operational sustainability as the most basic component of a solid foundation for your staffing business – regardless of size.  It is never too late, and you are never too large or too small to take a good, hard look at your operations to determine where you need to refocus your resources to sustain growth.

In this blog post, we’ve outlined four tips to help support your operational sustainability: [more]

1.) Don’t wait to recruit

Successful recruiting in today’s tight market means remembering the basics of yesterday, while embracing the technology of tomorrow. To improve your recruiting efforts, try utilizing social media and other digital platforms to increase your awareness. Don’t wait until you need new clients to start leveraging new platforms. Recruit ahead of your actual need to reduce open job order times and stabilize recruiting fluctuations.

2.) Implement operational efficiencies

Focusing operational efficiencies can help foster an internal culture of transparency, healthy competition and mutual respect. To promote operational efficiencies, provide written job descriptions with clearly defined goals, monitor results with weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting and publicly celebrate the little day-to-day victories. Implementing these simple practices will help improve morale and turn little everyday successes into sustainable growth.

3.) Make company culture a priority

Bullpens are fragile eco-systems within your staffing company and must be managed accordingly. Help preserve a positive company culture and improve retention rates through transparency and clear communications. Fair compensation plans that reward positive behaviors and appropriately defined job descriptions will help manage employee expectations and improve your company culture overall.

4.) Consistently bring in new business

It may seem like a no brainer, but you must continue to make sales and bring in new business to ensure operational sustainability.  Focus on bringing in new customers and enhancing the value of your current customers.  A steady stream of good, valuable leads - as well as mining opportunities with your current clients -  will help even out your growth and make your business more sustainable.

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Action Steps

To get started supporting the long-term operational sustainability of your staffing business, focus on these Action Steps:

  • Honestly assess your existing internal culture and make necessary adjustments
  • Review and revise job descriptions and compensation plans as needed
  • Publicly recognize and reward successes, both large and small
  • Invite open and honest communication throughout all levels of your company to improve transparency and overall company culture

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