Employee Satisfaction and Staffing: How To Keep Good People Coming Back

Ask any staffing owner what the most crucial part of their business is, and almost every time the answer is the same: the people. Meaning, both internal staff and temporary workers. And while people are your greatest asset, keeping great employees satisfied and happy where they are is one of the biggest challenges you will face as a business owner.

In this blog we will discuss some statistics on how satisfied current staffing employees are and look at what you can do to keep them coming back.

What do temporary workers think of their staffing firms?

In the Staffing Industry Analysts 2018 Temporary Worker Survey, temporary workers were asked to rate their satisfaction with their current firms. Overall, the workers surveyed gave their firms a Net Promotor Score of 42, which is relatively high considering scores can range anywhere from -100 to 100. Compared to other service industries, it is in the mid-to-high range.

When looking at the factors that most impacted a positive NPS score, these were the most important:

  • Believing the staffing agency is trustworthy and honest
  • Having a good relationship with a specific recruiter
  • Responsive and polite agency

Conversely, here were the primary reasons for negativity:

  • Poor communication or treatment
  • Compensation issues
  • Not enough work

The takeaway here is that to keep your contingent workers feeling positive about your firm, communication is key.

How can you keep your employees satisfied?

In staffing, employee satisfaction can be tricky to navigate because it requires both keeping internal staff and temporary workers happy. And when temporary workers are on assignment, there is only so much you can control. However, there are many things that you can control including the following:

Make your employees feel valued
Your employees represent your company, so it is important that you create an environment where they feel appreciated. Everyone wants an opportunity to succeed and be recognized, and it is up to your firm to put structures in place to do that. Maybe that means financial rewards, or a system of peer recognition with other rewards. Even a simple thank you goes a long way.

Keep up with the competition
In order to keep your employees happy, it’s important to look at the totality of what you can offer compared to your competition. A competitive compensation and benefits package is not everything, but it will help you attract and keep the best talent. Resources like Glassdoor or Randstad can help you see if you’re offering market rate pay. It’s not all about the money though – can you offer any other perks like flexible hours, unlimited vacation, or team retreats? If not and your competitors do, maybe it’s time to consider it.

Look at the metrics
When trying to get a picture of where you stand with employees now, it’s a good idea to look at the data. Exit surveys are one way to get an idea of what you can do better, and you should check Glassdoor for reviews as well – even negative ones can help you identify areas you need to work on. Employee surveys and focus groups are also a good way to gather additional feedback on your current culture. Metrics such as retention, absenteeism and performance efficiency will also tell a story.

Stay ahead of technology
If your website or app is difficult for your staffing employee to use, you risk them taking their business to a more technologically savvy firm. In the Temporary Worker Survey, temporary workers that had their current company app or website explained to them had the best experience with it – so one thing you can do is take the time to explain your features. Some features that temporary workers want most include:

  • Ability to rate the client
  • View and apply for available jobs
  • Be pre-qualified and select or confirm assignments at will

Learn from the best
According to Adecco’s recent Best-in-Class Workforce Management Insights report, the best companies are using more personal tactics to develop their talent into employees who love what they do. Some of these tactics include professional development, mentorships, and diversity and inclusion programs.

They are also taking measures to ensure happiness right from the get go by doing the following:

  • Hiring candidates with the right soft skills
  • Weigh potential candidates happiness as early as the interviewing phase
  • Believe a candidates education to be of lower importance to their potential happiness than skills and cultural fit

These are just a few ways you can work to keep your recruiters happy and your temporary workers wanting to keep working with your firm.

Next steps

Employee retention is one way to keep your staffing business running smoothly in the current economic climate. Before the next correction, experts say we are looking at about 12-18 more months of growth. If you are interested in discussing an 18 month growth plan, fill out the form for a free consultation


About the Author
Barb Hammerberg, CCWP has held almost every job that exists in staffing firms, from recruiter to regional director at some of the largest staffing firms in the world. She brings decades of experience and industry knowledge to her role as the Director of Client Development at Advance Partners.