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  • Current Client
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Business Model: Temporary Staffing
  • Industry Vertical: Energy


“I truly believe that the personal decision we made to use Advance for our funding and payroll was the best business decision I ever made.”  
– Jerry R., Current Client


‘Energy Staffing’ was a small organization with extensive expertise in the energy industry, but with limited time and resources for managing back office functions.  

“We’re in the business of people, we are not in the business of handling payroll. I knew it was important that we establish a business relationship that would allow and promote our growth. ” 


Energy Staffing selected Advance and for payroll funding and back office support services. 

“Advance operates as an extension of our team, and gives us the freedom to focus on our clients, so we don’t have to take the time away from them to cross the t’s and dot the i’s of accounting, tax and payroll.” 


Since working with Advance, Energy has steadily grown revenue and profit, added offices in multiple states, and places highly skilled candidates worldwide. They have access to the capital they need for growth, and have the scalable back office support they need to handle increasing volume of accounting, payroll and tax administration. 

 “Our relationship with Advance has allowed us to focus on our clients and our daily business, as opposed to having to deal with and worry about financial matters, payroll issues and back office.  Our growth has been exponential, and Advance has been a big part of that.”

{To protect our client’s privacy, we have omitted our client's name from the above case study. This client is a real person who is a happy client with Advance. If you are considering our services and would like to speak with Jerry or one of our other current clients, please contact us.}