Outsourcing Payroll for Staffing Firms: 5 Tips for Choosing a Provider

Anytime you save time at your busy staffing firm, it’s a win. Payroll responsibilities can be a huge burden and steal hours away from other important matters in running your business. [more]

So what’s the best way to find a great payroll provider? Here are 5 tips:

  1. Know What You Need

Every staffing firm has different needs when it comes to a payroll provider. Any reputable payroll provider will at least offer knowledgeable tax compliance services, but you may also want to consider seeing if they offer:

  • Individual employee payroll and tax calculations
  • Print and delivery of checks and/or direct deposit
  • Automatic check signatures
  • Detailed reporting
  • Integrated HR software for benefits related information
  1. Do Your Research

Make sure you take a hard look at any claims a payroll provider makes, especially in the staffing industry, which can be widely nuanced from agency to agency. Look at their professional qualifications, years in business and what their protocol is if they do make a mistake.

Ask other staffing agency owners for references, as well. Ask specifically about responsiveness and accuracy. Since most staffing firms are on a weekly payroll turnaround, these two components are of the utmost importance in a payroll provider.

  1. Focus on Customer Service

It’s okay if a company uses an automated system to answer your call, but can you get to a real person, quickly and easily? Better yet, do you have a single point of contact that you can reach directly when needed?

Really great payroll companies provide this level of customer service to their clients, which can mean the difference between big business headaches and “no problem” on short payroll cycles.

  1. Evaluate the Technology

At a base level, a reputable payroll provider will offer an easy-to-use system that you or your employees can access any time of day or night. Check to make sure the software is mobile-ready and accessible on tablets or other portable devices.

  1. Determine Pricing

Most payroll providers have a set pricing structure based on the size of your staffing firm and number of employees. Ask if there are fees or charges involved when adding new employees or switching to direct deposit. Double check to see if there is also an additional monthly processing fee.

A good, reputable payroll provider will have no problem offering transparent pricing so you always know what you’ll be paying month to month.

You might be ready to invest in a payroll provider today, and it’s no wonder…the case for switching to one is compelling, especially if your staffing firm needs your focus on other areas. But it’s also worth taking some time to research your options carefully so that you’re happy when you do take the step to outsource. We can help! Request a free consultation today.

The information for this article was provided by Paychex.