Invoicing for Staffing Firms

We do the work – you get the credit.

Invoicing for Staffing Firms

We know that staffing firms have a lot of employees to place and manage, and it’s easy to run short on time to actually grow your business. The time it takes to develop and issue invoices could be better spent elsewhere, and invoicing mistakes can push you over the edge. A problem with invoicing means you don’t get paid, and that strains your cash flow AND your relationship with your client. 

When you put your invoicing in Advance’s hands, our expert service team will ensure that your invoices are accurate and on-time. The invoice experts at Advance will:

  •  Develop invoices
  •  Print invoices
  •  Match time to invoices
  •  Manage discrepancies
  •  Distribute invoices (mail, email, EDI)
  •  Brand invoices with your logo
  •  Calculate and apply sales tax
  •  Protect against fraud

And don’t worry, we get it. Invoicing can be extremely complicated. Your clients may all want invoicing detailed differently:  by department, by location, regular time, overtime, etc, etc, etc. That lack of standardization can cause a lot of headaches for you, but we understand (trust us, we’ve seen it all), and we have the systems and experience to accommodate exactly what you need for each and every client. 

Request a free consultation to learn more about Advance’s invoicing services. When you sign on for invoicing with Advance, you also gain access to an array of strategic services to help you reach your business goals.