Questions to Start the Process.

Ask yourself these question about your staffing firm, and we can help provide answers.

Do you process your payroll and billings yourself?

A more profitable use of your time and energy is in the area of recruiting and sales, cultivating new business and strengthening existing relationships. Our Full Service option allows you the time to do what you do best, seek out new opportunities for growth!

Do you finance your receivables with internal cash flow?

Sacrificing dollars that could be invested in future opportunities may be counterproductive to growth. We can help ease cash flow so you’re ready to act when opportunities arise.

Are you ready to expand by opening a new office or adding more staff?

Working with us ensures steady cash flow, which allows you to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Do you currently use a bank line-of-credit to finance receivables?

In today’s economy, most banks impose restrictions and strict caps on credit lines. They do not understand the contingent workforce industry and offer no supporting services. Click here to view our interactive chart describing the bank versus funding & factoring.

Are you currently working with a payroll funding only or factoring only company?

We offer funding, expertise in the staffing industry, and pride ourselves on service excellence in areas such as:

Is your current lender/factor deeply involved in the contingent workforce industry?

Advance serves contract labor providers exclusively and enjoys long-standing relationships with industry associations and vendor partners.