• Current Client
  • Location: Northeast Ohio
  • Business Model:  Temporary Staffing
  • Industry Vertical: Financial/ Accounting

“Advance always has my back. I never have to worry about anything.” 


One of our clients started as a star player in the recruiting industry over twenty years ago. As a former accountant, she had a knack for finding the best talent for her employer, a major player in the staffing industry. In fact, she was awarded several distinctions throughout her career, including Rookie of the Year, President’s Club, Millionaire’s Club and at one point, was ranked #23 in the world for her skills.

But year after year, she outgrew and outpaced her sales goals, and year after year, her employer gave her less and less commission for her efforts. She had been asked in the past whether she might make the leap to start her own firm, but as a single mom, she had a hard time justifying what felt like a big risk to a steady income and benefits.

Close Up of Hands Paying Online While Holding Dollars

“Advance is a ‘quiet giant.’ Some companies nag you or seem desperate. But everyone at Advance just wants to help. I can call any one of them if I need to.”

When her kids went off to college, our client took a risk, broke off from her lucrative employer and set off on her own. Fortunately, through her years in the staffing industry, she was familiar with Advance and had already established a great relationship with staff members in the organization.

Her friends at Advance encouraged her in her entrepreneurial pursuit, and immediately partnered with her to do everything from billing to payroll to credit checks. In fact, our client says, “I didn’t have to worry about anything but running my business,” from day one.

Most recently, Advance has helped her apply and receive diversity certification, and her sales prospects are better than ever. 


“I couldn’t be any happier. They’re always checking in with me, and helping me with any number of things for my business.”

Today, our client continues to run a successful, million dollar a year accounting, HR and administrative firm and is currently working on expanding her portfolio even further. Each year she shows more and more growth, and she loves both the financial and intellectual freedom that comes from running her own firm, on her own terms.

Her advice to others considering taking the plunge into entrepreneurship? “Don’t wait as long as I did. You can do it. If you’ve been doing it for someone else successfully, you can do it for yourself, and with the help of Advance, you can be successful on your own.”

{To protect our client’s privacy, we have omitted our client's name from the above case study. This client is a real person who is a happy client with Advance. If you are considering our services and would like to speak with one of our other current clients, please contact us.}