Pricing Resources

Resources to help you make a profit 


Whether you’ve been in the business for decades or just starting up, it’s not always clear what you should be charging customers in order to keep competitive and still make a profit.

Many different factors go in to pricing out your staffing firm services, so in this whitepaper we will discuss the major components in order to help you determine a fair rate to charge your clients while keeping your business in the black.

  • Learn definitions for important terms when it comes to staffing pricing
  • Delve into the major components of pricing – namely, pay rate, statutory expenses, and gross margin.
  • Explore a pricing example with different margin scenarios
  • Review frequently asked questions and answers


Don’t have time to delve into an entire whitepaper? Watch our two minute animated video instead! It will walk you through the major concepts you need to know: pricing definitions, components, and different profit margin scenarios for your staffing business.


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Profit Margin Calculator

In the office or on the go, this calculator will help you determine your profitability as you are negotiating with a client. Simply add your own numbers – such as bill rate, pay rate, and markup – and this tool will calculate each potential profit margin.

It’s a handy free service to let you know what you need to be charging in order to cover your expenses while still making a healthy profit margin!

  • Easy-to-use, free tool
  • Bookmark to use over and over as situations arise
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In  “Pricing Your Staffing Services to Win the Revenue Game”, Lorne Greenfield, CEO of Capital Concepts USA, provides insight and pricing strategy from over 30 years working with staffing firms and other small businesses.


Watch this informative 30 minute webinar recap for more in depth pricing tips!