Diversity Advantage

Staffing Firm Diversity AdvantageMost Fortune 500 U.S. corporations set aside portions of their total supply chain spend for supplier diversity fulfillment, and frequently seek out qualified staffing suppliers. If you are a temporary staffing firm, it’s important that you have every diversity certification for which you’re eligible  so you can use this competitive advantage to win contracts.


Advance offers one-on-one assistance from Subject Matter Experts to help you leverage your diversity advantage.

Our diversity SME’s help you:

  • Create your Statement of Qualification (SOQ)
  • Assess your qualifications for the following diversity certifications:
    • MBE – Minority Business Enterprise - US Citizen who is 51% or greater owner of the business, and at least one quarter Asian-Indian, Asian-Pacific, Black, Hispanic or Native American.
    • WBE – Women’s Business Enterprise National Council - An independent business concern that is at least 51% or greater owned by one or more women who are US Citizens or Legal Resident Aliens.
    • WOSB – Women Owned Small Business - Government woman-owned business certification
    • SBA 8(a) – Business must be a Small Business with a demonstrated potential for success, 51% or greater owned and operated by an economically disadvantaged individual who is a US Citizen.
    • SDVOB – Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business - 51% or greater owner and person holding the highest position in a Small Business with a service-connected disability documented by the Department of Veteran Affairs or Department of Defense.
    • VOSB - Veteran Owned Small Business - 51% or greater owner and operator of a Small Business with Discharge Form DD214.
    • NGLCC – National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce - The business must be 51% or greater owned, operated, managed and controlled by an LGBT person or persons who are US Citizens or Legal Resident Aliens, exist independent of any non-LGBT business, have principal place of business in the US, and been formed as a legal entity in the US.

diversity certification FAQ's

Why do corporations care about Supplier Diversity?

Proven Positive Economic Impact. Supplier Diversity programs are often key in corporate Cause Marketing initiatives. 96% of consumers responding to a recently published ten-year study on Corporate Responsibility say Economic Development is the most important issue for companies to address. When a corporation implements a strong Supplier Diversity Program, it results in stronger relationships with their supply base, new business opportunities, and a more agile supply chain. Consumers and investors reward corporations for such community awareness, creating a direct, positive impact on loyalty and bottom line profits.

If I can prove that I am a Woman or Diverse-Owned business, why do I have to go through the certification process?

Verification of Ownership and Capabilities. While corporations and Government Agencies want to do business with small and diverse-owned businesses, they need to know that the business is financially sound, and has the capacity and capability to perform. Successfully completing the application process verifies to a corporation that you operate a good business, and offers proof of experience and capacity.

Can I complete the certification application on my own?

Yes, however, we do recommend that you work with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to ensure correct and timely filing. Every application is designed for the applicant to complete on their own, however, we have found that most small business owners are so busy running their business, they are intimidated by the detail and time involved in completing the application on their own. We recommend working with an SME for whichever certification you are qualified for to ensure that your application package is correct and complete. Filing an application that is incomplete or incorrect can result in a denial, and many certifications require a six-month wait before reapplying.

Will becoming certified result in increased business for me?

Successfully marketing your diverse certification is entirely up to you! Like every other aspect of your business, you reap what you sow. You should always market to your core capabilities and business strengths first, however, if you are competing for a piece of business, and with all other factors being equal, diverse certification can offer a differentiating advantage.

Diversity Certification for Staffing FirmsHow long does the application process take?

The certification process can take from 3 to 18 months from the date the application is filed, depending on the type of certification.


In an issue of MBE Magazine, Jeanne Michaelides expands upon Advance's dedication to help staffing firms grow with diversity certification and support services.

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