Insurance Coverage for Staffing Firms

The knowledge you need to protect your staffing agency.

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Insurance Coverage for Startup Staffing Firms

When it comes to staffing firm insurance, you need to know how to cover your assets. To help you understand what you need to know, we have listed all the components of the insurance coverage you need along with the definitions.

It's important to work with insurance providers who understand the staffing industry. In addition to funding your firm, we work with preferred partners who can provide you with top-rate insurance coverage at unbeatable prices.

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Insurance Types for Staffing

What you need to have as a staffing agency

General Liability

You'll need this type of coverage to protect yourself from a variety of claims (including bodily injury, property damage and personal injury), that can arise from your business.

Property Insurance

This insurance can protect your business’ physical location from a sudden disaster or incident that damages your property such as fire, theft, vandalism and weather events (check for exclusions).  Home-based business insurance is also available if you plan to work out of your home.

Errors and Omissions: 

This type of insurance protects you if you place an employee who makes a mistake costing your client a lot of money. This may be required by contracts from your customers.

Worker's Compensation:

Workers compensation insurance pays for an employee’s medical bills, loss of wages, rehabilitation, and other costs when they are hurt or made ill by the work they do for your employment agency. Carrying this insurance is mandatory in most states and required by most clients.  

Medical / Healthcare Insurance:

This is a hot button with the recent changes in the law. While you may not be an “Applicable Large Employer” for a while, some clients now require their staffing partners to offer a program. It has also been proven that employees with medical coverage through their staffing employer stay 57% longer. This reduces your hiring costs and increases customer satisfaction.