Large enterprise staffing firms

Competitive rates and specialized service, without the restrictions of a bank.

So you have a large established staffing firm, let's say more than $2M in average A/R and $20M in billings. If you are trying to grow, bank funding can only take you so far. Large clients choose us over banks or make the switch for several reasons:

  • No harsh credit line limits, extra scrutiny, or limited liquid capital
  • Rates as low as 0.5% of billing
  • Deep understanding of the ebbs and flows of staffing industry
  • Backed by the extensive resources of a Fortune 1000 company, Paychex
  • See more reasons why to choose us over a bank

We are the #1 provider of payroll funding for staffing firms in the country, and for good reason. We have been in business nearly 20 years, with a healthy balance sheet and more than double the number of clients as our closest competitor. Our partnership with Paychex gives us extensive resources, as well as a whole suite of solutions that the other guys don’t have.

We want to put these resources to work for your temporary staffing firm, and show you how we differentiate ourselves. If you want to start the conversation, request a free quote consultation below. You can also learn more about our payroll funding, back office, and client support services.




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