• Current Client
  • One of the largest staffing firms in the Midwest

"Knowing we can go after any business we want at any time is invaluable. We feel like we can not only compete with the big firms, but we can differentiate ourselves from the small firms. We can still offer a quality personalized service, with unlimited funding potential to go after larger client requests." ~ Client Quote

Challenge: After aggressively pursing a large manufacturing company for months, the staffing firm finally go their foot in the door for a work order that would earn $4-$5 million per year. But after their bank waffled on increasing their credit line, they realized the real struggle had only just begun.

“Getting a credit line increase was like pulling teeth. While waiting for our bank, we were working to maintain our relationship with our prospect, but we couldn't exactly say 'yes' to staffing them, since we didn't know we'd be able to financially cover the job.” 


Despite the fact that they were longtime customers of the bank, they felt the bank was unfairly scrutinizing them. It became clear the bank did't understand the needs of a staffing firm.

“After over 30 days of having to submit more and more information tot he bank and while waiting for a reply, we started to look for alternate options. I received a call from Advance Partners and the rest is history! In fact, we were still waiting for the bank to get back to us when Advance Partners approved our funding.”


To protect our client’s privacy, we have omitted their company name from the above case study. This is a current client with Advance Partners. If you are considering our services and would like to speak with him or one of our other current clients, please contact us.