• Current Client
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Business Model: Temporary Staffing
  • Industry Vertical: Light Industrial

Startup Staffing Firm GrowthBackground / Problem: In 1999, with 14 years of experience in the staffing industry, I.S. decided to start her own staffing firm. She did not have the financial resources for initial receivables and payroll and knew she needed a financial partner.

“We knew what we were doing, we understood staffing, but there was no way we could cover the payroll starting out. The bank we talked to did not understand staffing and so we looked into funding companies and chose Advance.”

Solution Advance Partners provided the payroll funding, flexibility and ongoing support 'Startup Staffing' needed to start and grow their busines

“I knew Advance was the right partner for us as astartup because they were very forthcoming and honest about what they had to offer. They made it very easy and uncomplicated. Unlike a bank, they understood staffing and the variation of billing $300,000/week or as much as a million.”

Results:  Startup Staffing has been with Advance for over 15 years, and has grown their staffing firm from $0 to $27 million in annual sales.

“Over 15 years, Advance has always backed up what they say. If they tell me they’re going to do something, they do it. I don’t have to worry. And it’s not just a business, it’s personal, we have a relationship.”

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{To protect our client’s privacy, we have omitted their company name from the following case study. I.S. is a real person, and her company is a current client with Advance Partners.}