Matthew Fox

Relationship Manager
Startup Specialist

Matt joined the Advance Partners Sales team in 2018 after a few stints working for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and a minor league affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, the Captains. He started in sales support which helped give him the foundation to understand the needs of staffing firm owners. That experience helped shape his current role which is helping new entrepreneurs turn their dreams into a reality by getting them the funding they need to take on contracts. His favorite part of his role is helping these entrepreneurs exceed their goals so that they experience growth year after year.

Matt graduated from BGSU with a degree focused in the field of Sport Management and Marketing. In 2015, he was the recipient of the M. Joy Sidwell, Most Outstanding Internship Project Award.

When he’s not helping to lift up growing staffing firms, he can be found lifting weights and playing recreation sports with friends. He is also a proud brother to two sisters and uncle to three nephews.

Favorite food: Chicken teriyaki and vegetables

Favorite movie: Any Quentin Tarantino movie

Favorite hobby: Baseball and basketball, both watching and playing