• Current Client
  • Location: San Francisco Bay Area
  • Business Model: Temporary Staffing
  • Industry Vertical: Professional and IT

With over 20 years of experience, I didn’t think you could have a business partnership that was truly in it for the relationship. But with Advance’s team service approach, I really feel like they are looking out for my best interest. I would never have experienced this level of success if it wasn’t for them.” – Tim, President and CEO

Background/Problem: As a startup staffing firm, ‘California Staffing’ had a hard time securing the funding necessary to meet payroll each month. Their payroll processing company required a 4-day lead time, creating a strain on California Staffing’s cash flow. They needed a flexible funding solution to be able to pay their employees on time, and have resources left over to invest in the company’s growth. ;

“Advance understood my position as a little guy. They were always on time and there when I needed them. I felt like when issues came up, they would be there to walk me through it. They understood and took care of things, so I had the freedom to focus on growing my business. It was truly liberating.” 

Flexible Funding

Tim came to Advance and explained the situation. His service team provided guidance on how the payroll processing lead time could be shortened to 2 days, information that Tim used as leverage with his payroll processing company. Because of the strategic advice from team lead, Maryanne, background research from credit manager, Derek, and quality attention from customer service representative, Tiffany, Tim was able to shorten his payroll lead time to two days, offering more funding flexibility.

“Every time I called, a member of my service team would answer right away or call me back within a minute or two. Any issue I had, they would say ‘let’s talk it through’ or ‘what are you trying to accomplish?’ They became my sounding board for anything and everything.”

Because of the flexible funding and extended lead time, California Staffing had more resources each month to invest in the company’s growth. In the first six months of 2015, California Staffing grew from $0 to $50,000. In July, the company brought Advance on board to help stimulate their growth. In the following six months, California Staffing grew to a staggering $650,000, and the company is on track to bring in 3 to 5 million dollars in 2016.

“I entered this partnership from a critical perspective. I assumed every professional partnership was purely business, where both parties would keep each other at arm’s length. It’s amazing how opposite that is with Advance. They actually care about the partnership and the success of my business.”

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{To protect our client’s privacy, we have omitted their company name from the above case study. Tim is a real person, and his company is a current client with Advance. If you are considering our services and would like to speak with him or one of our other current clients, please contact us.}