Sterling Staffing Solutions and the Young Millionaires Series

Sterling BrosDr. Sterling Carter and Stephen Levi Carter, MBA, also known as the Carter Brothers, recently announced the launch of the Young Millionaires Series, a four-city tour that teaches existing and aspiring entrepreneurs how to scale their businesses to millionaire status in an effort to build generational wealth.

The four-city tour kicks off in Houston, TX, on Saturday, February 22, 2020, and will be followed by events in Chicago (Saturday, May 9), Washington, D.C. (Saturday, August 29) and Atlanta (Saturday, October 24). The Young Millionaires Series will include workshops, networking opportunities, panels featuring top professionals from various industries, and one-on-one mentorship with the Carter Brothers, who are themselves multi-million dollar business owners, speakers and co-authors of the Amazon best-selling book, Double Your Success: Principles to Build a Multimillion-Dollar Business.

Using the Young Millionaires Series as a catalyst, the Carter Brothers will work collaboratively with successful entrepreneurs and corporations to address the economic inequality and wealth gap in urban communities across the United States. Factors such as under-employment, lack of education, mass-incarceration, poor access to healthy foods, inadequate healthcare, poverty tax, and media misrepresentation inhibit the ability for urban communities to break through the economic glass ceiling.  By focusing on the creation of generational wealth by way of entrepreneurship, the Carter Brothers hope to help reverse this trend.

Q&A with the Carter Brothers

How did you come up with this program?
Stephen and I sat down and pondered what would be the most impactful way to impact our future entrepreneurs?  We determined that simply donating money/loans was not enough.  We needed to give time and mentor.  We thought this would be the best way to impact young aspiring business owners.Why are you doing it? My brother and I hope to not only build the next generation of young millionaires through this series, but also to model the necessity of mentorship and giving back, both of which are essential to building wealth in under-served communities. Our goal is to share the secrets to our success, the triumphs, as well as the trials, on our way to the top.  In doing so, we offer the next generation a head-start into lucrative, sustainable business ventures.

Who is it intended for?
It is open to all interested parties: the young and young at heart, college educated, non-college educated, all economic backgrounds, military veterans, as well as second chance offenders. The attendees will be introduced not only to the principles of success, but also to mentors and professionals from various industries who can offer expert advice and counsel on how to shape their businesses. YMS is not just a one-time experience.  It will serve as a starting point for entrepreneurial greatness.  The attendees will become honorary members of an exclusive club of trailblazers and moguls. In training the next generation of young millionaires, it is imperative that we model professional and personal excellence. Our team will work hard to provide the attendees with a quality experience full of strategic planning and networking to grow their professional circles.

What are your goals for the program?
The goal of YMS is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and equip them with the necessary tools to build wealth.  The primary goal leads to the next in that it supports the idea of building generational wealth in minority communities.  The Carter Brothers have created a vision which will elevate both the individual and the culture.Would you like to continue the program?Yes, we are planning a four-city tour in 2020, to include:   Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington, DC.  In 2021, we will select four different cities to take the Young Millionaire Series.

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About The Carter Brothers and Sterling Staffing Solutions:

The Carter Brothers have made it their mission to share their collective wealth of knowledge of how to create and sustain successful companies through the Young Millionaires Series as well as through their best-selling book, Double Your Success: Principles to Build a Multimillion-Dollar Business, published by ForbesBooks.The Carters have a rapidly growing list of awards and recognitions including a ranking of No. 3954 on the annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies,  Houston Business Journal’s Fast 100 Finalist, the Entrepreneur 360 Award, the American Business Award, and the GHBC Pinnacle Upstart Award, to name a few.The businessmen founded Sterling Staffing Solutions in 2011, which has grown into an award-winning, multimillion-dollar company that specializes in providing medical staffing services to home health agencies, hospices, hospitals, and rehab facilities. Collectively, they have founded and currently operate several companies including Sterling Physical Therapy & Wellness, White Orchid Hospice, Carter Brothers Consulting and Dr. Sterling Carter is a nationally recognized physical therapist with over 20 years of experience in his field. He has also made guest appearances on the popular My 600-lb. Life.  Stephen Levi Carter, MBA has over two decades of experience in managerial and executive-level positions for a variety of industries, including medical insurance and the oil and gas industry. Both are military veterans and decorated businessmen.