Staffing Profitability Calculator

In the office or on the go, this calculator will help you determine your profitability as you are negotiating with a client. This tool will input real-time numbers and let you know if the client will make or cost you money.

Enter Your Rates

Enter any two fields and the third will auto-calculate. For each calculation, tap calculator symbol at left to highlight variable field. Enter data in remaining two fields. Tap to calculate or re-calculate. (Highlight variable field before each re-calculation.)

Enter Your Cost Burden

Enter an estimated total % of your tax and fee burdens, or edit Detailed Cost Burden to enter exact percentages.

Enter exact percentage in each field as a percent (i.e., 2.5, not 0.25) per payroll dollar.

Optional: Total Contract Projection

Get Your Projected Results

Per Hour

  • Cost Burden: --
  • Gross Profit: --
  • Gross Margin: --

Total Contract

  • Total Hours/Week: --
  • Gross Profit/Week: --
  • Gross Profit Total Contract: --

The Advance Partners Profit Margin Calculator is a tool for estimating gross labor profit only and is not intended to be a comprehensive calculation of net profit as it only takes into account the categories for which data is entered. I understand that by clicking "CALCULATE", I agree with the above and hold Advance Partners harmless for any action I take in my usage or reliance upon of the information generated based on this calculation.