• Current Client

  • Locations: Michigan
  • Business Model: Staffing and Consulting
  • Industry Vertical: Full-Service (Manufacturing, Industrial, Engineering, Information Technology)

Advance has been fabulous to work with. We are a long time funding client and trust their strategic advice.” – Deb S., Co-Founder and CEO

Background: ‘C.G. Staffing’ is a full-service staffing firm specializing in manufacturing, industrial, engineering and information technology. Due to the nature of their business, C.G. Staffing frequently works within an MSP/VMS environment where margins are tight and response times need to be fast.

Problem: C.G. Staffing had been experiencing challenges with their MSP/VMS providers, feeling uncomfortable with the lack of manager contact. When they had the opportunity to staff a large call center contract, but didn’t have enough candidates to fill the spots, C.G. Staffing began looking for an alternate solution.

“We found the MSP model to be challenging, and knew Advance would have a solution in mind.”

Solution: As a longtime payroll funding client with Advance, C.G. Staffing reached out to Advance for potential solutions for their recruiting efforts. They attended one of Advance’s offshore recruiting seminars to discover time and cost effective recruitment solutions.

At the seminar, Advance recommended offshore recruiting company, IMS People, to help C.G. Staffing develop an efficient and scalable recruiting process. C.G. Staffing signed on with IMS People to fill the high-volume, single-profile staffing demands for the call center contract, and experienced great success.

“It’s really no different than hiring a local recruiter. You just have to be smart about setting your goals, selecting your recruiters, and measuring success.” 

Results: C.G. Staffing found that working with an offshore recruiter was very similar to working with a local recruiter. They made sure to set their goals and expectations, choose a recruiter that met their needs, and utilized metrics to measure their success.

C.G. Staffing was able to staff their call center contract with a high volume of qualified candidates and discovered the value of offshore recruiting as a cost effective and efficient recruiting solution.

“We had phenomenal success with IMS People. We were able to successfully staff our call center contract with qualified employees in a short amount of time.”

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{To protect our client’s privacy, we have omitted their company name from the above case study. Deb is a real person, and her company is a current client with Advance. If you are considering our services and would like to speak with Deb or one of our other current clients, please contact us.}