Software Solutions for Staffing Firms

At Advance, we know that entrepreneurial staffing firms like you are unique, and running the “business” of your staffing firm is not easy. The software you use can make that harder or easier. Need a software solution? Already in love with one? No problem, we offer choices.

Option One – “Everything but the Kitchen Sink”

Our fully integrated front and back office platform manages all of your software needs in one place, so you can focus on growing your business. Plus, we host it and take care of the maintenance, back-up and security.

Our comprehensive software solution manages:

Staffing Firm Software Solutions
Option Two – “Let’s Be Friends”

Already have your own Applicant Tracking System? Don’t worry, we play nice. You can still take advantage of our Back Office services while continuing to use your own ATS front office software. We have experience building integrations with many of the leading staffing software programs, and are happy to discuss your specific needs and our integration capabilities.  

When you work with Advance, you also gain access to an array of strategic services to help support your business growth. Request a free consultation to learn more about Advance’s integrated software solutions.