• Current Client
  • Location: Ohio
  • Business Model: Security Guard Company
  • Industry Vertical: Commercial, Institutional & Industriale

“I think Advance understands all things staffing. Although we are a security guard company and not a traditional staffing firm, they understood our needs completely. Advance is flexible enough to look at clients' needs without a cookie cutter approach.”  
– Joe C., President



“Security Staffers” is a local security guard company providing armed and unarmed security officers to commercial, institutional and industrial clients throughout Ohio. Security Staffers has been funding with Advance since 2003 and this summer, reached out for help maintaining their day-to-day operations as they expanded through a new acquisition.  


Security Staffers was growing and taking on new customers, but cash flow was tight. They knew it would be at least 60 days before they could expect their new customers to pay, and with their liquid capital tied up in their new acquisition, they needed funding to pay their security guards. Security Staffers knew they couldn’t wait for the banks to process their funding requests and looked to Advance Partners for help.

“When my business grows, it needs funding. I knew a bank would never be able to get me the money I needed fast enough. Advance’s funding is flexible, so I never need to worry about cash flow.”


Security Staffers approached Advance Partners with their funding request one week before payroll, and Advance had the request processed and funded within two days. Advance took the time to understand Security Staffing’s unique situation and developed a customized funding plan to meet their needs.

“No one else could have gotten us funding that quickly. We were on a tight deadline and Advance really came through.”


Security Staffing knows that whenever cash flow is tight, Advance will be there to provide the funding they need. This safety net has allowed Security Staffers to take greater risks and accelerate their growth, with confidence that Advance will be there with fast, flexible funding.

“Advance has always been there to for my needs. When I take on new customers, I know they’ll be there to fund it.”

{To protect our client’s privacy, we have omitted our client's name from the above case study. This client is a real person who is a happy client with Advance. If you are considering our services and would like to speak with Jerry or one of our other current clients, please contact us.}