Payroll Processing & Timekeeping for Staffing Firms

Advance’s payroll processing services are specifically tailored to staffing firms. We can help save you valuable time, and give you the scalability to continue growing your staffing firm. 

How does Payroll Processing Work?

Staffing Agency Payroll ProcessingWe take your payroll data and our experts do all the processing needed to pay your employees. This includes calculating gross & net pay, as well as calculation of deductions, sending direct deposits, and even printing, stuffing and shipping the paychecks/stubs if needed. In sum, we take on the meticulous payroll responsibilities, so you can focus on growing your business.

Paperless Processing:

If you prefer not to have printed paychecks or paystubs, we also offer a paperless payroll processing option. With this option, your employees will be paid via direct deposit to their checking account, savings account or paycard, and can access their paystub data online 24/7. 

At Advance, we understand staffing firms are unique, and our expertise and services are tailored specifically to your needs. Put your payroll processing in Advance’s hands, so you can reclaim the time you need to grow your business.

Paperless Timekeeping:

Gathering and confirming time eats into YOUR time. The time you could have been spending running your temporary staffing firm. Our electronic timekeeping options take on the time and effort associated with employee time entry, so you can get back to running your business.

Paperless Timekeeping

We can work with timesheets that come to us from:

  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
  • Vendor Management Systems
  • Your Current Time Keeping Software  

Or you can sign on for our all-in-one timekeeping option:  We offer a fully integrated, online timekeeping solution that captures employee time and client approvals.  That data uploads seamlessly into our integrated software for payroll processing.  So you can track your time and lose the paper trail. Sayonara data entry!

Request a free consultation to learn more about Advance’s payroll processing, or to sign on for full service funding. All payroll processing clients gain access to our full suite of strategic services to help you reach your growth and acquisition goals.