Staffing Industry Mergers and Acquisitions

Consider us your board of advisors.

With over 15 years of experience, Advance provides strategic guidance and support for our clients looking to expand through consulting agreements, mergers or acquisitions. 


Selling your staffing firm:

If you are considering selling your temporary staffing firm, Advance can help you determine the value of your firm, analyze market trends, create basic offering documents and introduce you to potential buyers. We have relationships with an entire network of staffing firms, and if you are looking to sell your company, we may be able to help find you an interested buyer.

Staffing Industry Mergers and Acquisitions

Buying a staffing firm:

The visionary leaders at Advance have diverse backgrounds in law, finance, accounting and credit, so they have the skills and experience necessary to help you zero in on the types of acquisition targets you should be looking at. Whether you are looking for a merger opportunity or want to expand your operations by purchasing, we can introduce you to a potential buyer through a vast array of industry contacts. We can help you evaluate how much your potential acquisition is worth, and develop a deal structure to complete the purchase. 

Financing your acquisition or merger:

Advance can help provide or arrange transaction financing for your merger or acquisition. We are not registered brokers or financial advisors and we recommend that you consult with a certified public accountant and attorney before you finalize any transaction, but we can provide you with the initial assistance to begin the process and guide you along the way.


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staffing firm buyout

“Despite being a large, established staffing firm, the bank we had been working with would never have provided the cash-flow or lending we needed to accomplish this buyout and our vision for growth. We could not have done this without Advance. I’m extremely grateful for their aggressive and creative approach to financing this opportunity, as well as their strategic support throughout the buyout process.”

– Pam Cole

staffing firm valuation

"We talked about selling our business for years but didn't know how to put a plan together. Once we were ready to sell, Advance helped us with a valuation and broke down what went into that number. We felt confident we understood the value of our business, and met with a broker who assisted us with the actual sale of our business. The wonderful thing? There was no benefit to Advance, they just did it to help us and provide excellent customer service. They are always there to help." - Sabrina P.