• Current Client
  • Location: Washington DC area
  • Business Model:  Temp and Perm Placement
  • Industry Vertical: Legal

"Our sales are up 100% over last year. Advance enables me to focus on what I do and do it better."  
-Lori  D.


‘Legal Staffing Agency’ places temp and perm staff in the legal industry, including attorneys, paralegals, and legal secretaries as well as technical and finance positions.


They found that as they continued to grow, their own accounting department and internal staff were overburdened with back office tasks.

My accounting department was not equipped to handle the volume of temps and taxes we needed to pay every week. Our payroll funding provider only did funding, so I decided to look for another partner to support us.” - Lori D.



Lori chose Advance Partners because they could fill both her payroll funding and back office support needs, and due to their specific expertise in staffing.

“Advance works with staffing agencies, they know staffing. This was important to me because they understand the billing, payroll and cycle of payment for invoices. Plus, with their back office support I know it’s done. I don’t have to stay awake at night worrying; I know it’s taken care of.”


Before utilizing back office support with Advance, Legal Staffing Agency spent a lot of time processing the payroll and taxes for their temps each week. Now, Lori and her team can focus on the tasks they do best and the result has been significant growth.

“Our sales are up 100% over last year. Advance enables me to focus on what I do and do it better. I’ve been able to go out and meet with new clients and generate more revenue. Accounting is not my forte, I sell, so I’m able to do that without worrying. I’m still involved in accounting, but my primary focus is on sales and the growth of my firm. Advance is outstanding.”

{To protect our client’s privacy, we have omitted our client's name from the above case study. This client is a real person who is a happy client with Advance. If you are considering our services and would like to speak with Jerry or one of our other current clients, please contact us.}