Closeup of an employee holding a credit card and typing the information into a laptop on their lap.

When you are paying your temps weekly, it pays to have options. Paycards are a convenient alternative to traditional banks and paper paychecks that can save you money.

Advance Partners works with a paycard company who can manage this process for you. Your temps get paid without having to deal with paper checks, and you avoid the costs of stolen checks, bank reconciliation of uncashed checks, and fraudulent checks.


  • Simplicity – The payroll card program is as easy to set up as a new direct deposit account.
  • Value – The Skylight PayOptions Program costs nothing to implement (shipping fees may apply), and helps you avoid the costs and hassles involved with lost or stolen employee paychecks and bank reconciliation of uncashed checks.
  • Reliability – Natural disasters, severe weather, and even holidays can interrupt or delay the timely delivery of paper paychecks to employees. Payments made with the Skylight PayOptions Program aren’t affected by these events.
  • Employee Satisfaction – Your employees will enjoy convenient account access via phone, Web and mobile, as well as a rewards program3, budgeting tools, and online bill payment.

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