Close up of a persons hand typing on a calculator with their cell phone in the other hand. There is a pile of gold coins on the side of the calculator with a bunch of documents sprawled out beneath everything.

Self-funding could be an effective funding option for some staffing firms. It enables you to manage your business yourself without relying on investors. The downside of self-funding is that you cannot run or grow your business if you do not have enough working capital on hand, and you’ll be managing your funding without the support of a strategic partner.


  • Most cost effective in the short-run
  • No external reporting
  • Collateral is unencumbered


  • Money is tied up in receivables
  • Capped ability to grow
  • No support or strategic partner specializing in the industry

Looking for a better option?

Advance Partners only offers payroll funding services to the staffing industry so you can be sure that all funding solutions are tailored to the needs of staffing firms like you. And staffing firms that work with us stay with us, as evidenced by our 95 percent retention rate.

With payroll funding, Advance Partners purchases your invoices, offering weekly advances to help you pay your temporary employees on time and seize your growth opportunities.


  • Unlimited access to upfront funds
  • Competitive rates without additional fees
  • Flexible contract terms and pricing structures
  • Weekly electronic funds transfers
  • 24/7 access to detailed online reporting
  • Automated secure lockbox, so payments post faster