You may hear the term “invoice factoring” used alongside payroll funding. Both terms are referring to the process where a third party company (Hi, that’s us) buys your outstanding invoices and advances you cash immediately.

For staffing companies, paying your contingent workers weekly and waiting 30-90 days for payment from your clients can be a cash flow nightmare. Staffing factoring ensures you have working capital for payroll and other business expenses, allowing you room to grow.

Benefits of staffing agency factoring:

  • Unlimited access to funds
  • Advance rates of 80 to 100% upfront
  • Competitive rates without additional fees
  • Flexible contract terms and pricing structures
  • Weekly electronic funds transfers
  • Detailed management reports
  • 24/7 access to online reporting
  • Automated secure lockbox, so your payments post faster
  • Credit Research
  • A/R & Collections Management
  • Cash Receipt & Application