Man working on his computer in a cubical style office with a headset on. Other employees working around him out of focus.

Collecting payment from problem customers is tricky. Collecting payment when you are also trying to sell more of your staffing services is downright difficult.

Advance Partners offers accounts receivable (A/R) and collections management as an added benefit to both payroll only and full service clients. Basically, we become an extension of your accounting department to manage and support your collections.

How much your customers see and hear from us depends on your preference. We can be front and center, politely reminding your customers to make their payments, or we can take a back seat and become your invisible collections partner. Either way, Advance Partners provides access to all of your real time A/R and collections information electronically so you have 24/7 access to your accounts and capital.

We provide the following services to ensure your A/R and collections are handled quickly and securely:

  • Credit research to help you select reputable users of staffing and set pricing
  • Secure payment collection from your customers to a 24-hour lockbox
  • Payment processing within 24 hours
  • Legal guidance if your customers default on their payments
  • Free collection reports with detailed collection activity

If you’d like to start the conversation on collections management, request a free consultation today.