Staffing Firm Funding with Full Service

At Advance, we know how easy it is for entrepreneurial staffing firms to get bogged down with time-consuming back office tasks. Put your back office operations in Advance’s hands, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What is Full Service?

Full service funding is a program we created specifically for temporary staffing firms that need more than just payroll funding services. These temporary staffing firms need support behind the scenes to create and send their invoices, process payroll and make sure their payroll taxes are filed and paid (correctly and on time!).

How Does Full Service Funding Work?

Back Office Services for Staffing

Benefits of Full Service:

When you sign on for Full Service Funding, you get all the benefits of payroll funding AND all the benefits of back office support. With Full Service Funding, Advance will 1) pays your taxes and temps directly, 2) releases profits to you, 3) takes on the time, cost and effort associated with:  

PLUS, all the benefits of Payroll Funding:

  • Unlimited access to funds
  • Advance rates between 80 to 100% upfront (depending on service level & business needs)
  • Competitive rates without additional fees
  • Flexible contract terms and pricing structures
  • Weekly electronic funds transfers
  • Detailed management reports
  • 24/7 access to online reporting
  • Automated secure lockbox, so your payments post faster
  • Credit Research
  • A/R & Collections Management
  • Cash Receipt & Application

 Depending on you business needs, Advance Partners can also offer strategic support to help grow your business.

You get the working capital you need and Advance handles all the time consuming, back office tasks, so you can focus your time on sales & recruiting. You know, the stuff that grows your business. And your bottom line. Request a free consultation to learn more about full service funding with Advance.