Custom Analytics Reporting

Click, click, done. Advance Partners offers 24/7 electronic access to custom analytics reporting tailored to staffing firms and their unique needs. This is a short sampling of the many types of reports provided to clients funding with Advance:

Custom Analytics Reporting for Staffing Firms

  • Client Summary Report: The Client Summary Report integrates all of the information included in the Weekly Client Package and summarizes it in one place.
  • Assignment Report: The Assignment Report includes legal information regarding a new invoice, its advance amount, associated fees and any money being withheld.
  • Collection Reports: These reports allow Advance to share detailed collection activity with clients, including: the invoice number, invoice date, original invoice amount, payment amount, payment date, check number, type of collection, reserve and fee information.
  • Detail Aging Analysis: The Detail Aging Analysis report provides open invoice information including invoice number, invoice date and days outstanding.
  • Average Pay Days Report: This report represents information regarding invoices which have been closed by means of a payment, credit memo or charge back. 
  • Short Paid Exemption Report: This report is printed daily following the posting of all cash and non-cash items. Any short payments, credit memos, unapplied cash items, invoice adjustments or discounts will appear on one of these reports.


Temporary staffing and consulting firms need access to relevant information and reporting in order to effectively manage and grow their business.  We offer analytics reports for our payroll funding, commercial finance and back-office support clients, as well as access to our suite of strategic services.

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