Back Office Support

Advance Partners offers back office support to help large temporary staffing firms manage the administrative burden of payroll processing and tax administration. That gives you the freedom to focus on long-term growth.

When you combine our customizable back office support, flexible commercial finance, and deep industry expertise, you get a true business partner for the challenges and opportunities ahead. You won't find that with a line of credit.

Back Office Solutions Include: 

Electronic Timekeeping Options

 Advance offers a fully integrated timekeeping solution that captures employee time, and client approvals and uploads seamlessly into our integrated software for payroll processing. 

If you already have a timekeeping system, Advance can work with timesheets that come from:

  •          Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
  •          Vendor Managed Systems
  •          Your Current Timekeeper


Payroll Processing 

Advance’s payroll processing team calculates gross/net pay, necessary deductions, and deposits employee paychecks into:

  •          Checking accounts
  •          Savings accounts
  •          Pay cards


Payroll Tax Administration 

Advance has an in-house tax department that is fully equipped to handle the burden of payroll tax administration.

Our tax specialists will handle every step of the tax process including:

  •          Tax registration
  •          Calculating employer and employee tax portions
  •          Filing your payroll affiliated taxes
  •          Making tax payments
  •          Preparing and filing W2s, 1099s and other returns
  •          Amending returns where necessary
  •          Addressing payroll tax notices



When you put your invoices in Advance’s hands, our expert service team will ensure that your invoices are accurate and on time.

Our service team will:

  •          Develop invoices
  •          Print invoices
  •          Match time to invoices
  •          Manage discrepancies
  •          Distribute invoices (mail, email, EDI)
  •          Brand invoices with your logo
  •          Calculate and apply sales tax
  •          Protect against fraud


Custom Back Office Analytics Reporting 

Advance Partners provides custom payroll and back office reports that are tailored to large staffing firms and their unique needs.

Our custom reports include:

  •          Weekly Accounting Statement
  •          Weekly Time Sheet and Payroll Time Card Transactions Reporting
  •          Current Payroll Register
  •          Check Register Report
  •          Client Gross Margin/Gross Profit (GM/GP) History Report
  •          Invoice Register and Copies
  •          Accounts Receivable Summary
  •          Aged Analysis


Software Solutions 

Advance offers a fully integrated front and back office platform to manage all of your software needs in one place.

Our software solution handles:


When you sign on for back-office support, you also gain access to an array of strategic services to help facilitate your business growth. To learn more about Advance’s back office support, request a free consultation today.