Business Development Support

Owners of independent staffing firms are among the most talented and capable entrepreneurs in the country. Advance provides a platform for these staffing suppliers to develop relationships with decision makers from corporations and managed service providers, so they can compete to win major contracts.

Regardless of your size, our dedicated staff offers access to the strategic and operational support you need to achieve your top-level business goals.

Advance’s business development services include:

  • Introductions to opportunities – Depending on your vertical and capabilities, Advance may be able to introduce you to decision makers from Fortune 500 companies and MSP's so you can compete to win major staffing contracts.
  • Operational support –Advance can provide insight and advice on operational matters like adding recruiters, expanding to new locations and verticals, and structuring winning RFP responses. We also provide a number of business resources
  • Diversity certification – Advance SME’s help staffing firms get every diversity certification for which they are eligible, so they have a competitive advantage to win new contracts.
  • Teaming opportunities –When a contract is too large for a single staffing firm to fulfill, or if a contract includes locations or skill sets outside of a staffing firm’s capabilities, Advance can help.  Advance helps fulfill teaming requests from our network of over 350 pre-qualified staffing firms, and we actively reach out to current clients with teaming opportunities. 
  • VMS/MSP expertise and support - It is extremely important for entrepreneurial staffing firms to understand the complexities of working with VMS/MSP's.  We have tools and resources to help you develop a strategy, integrate with these systems and be successful.  
  • Quick response time – The dedicated staff at Advance responds to all business development support inquiries within one business day.

Contact Advance Partners to learn more about our business development support services.