Staffing Conferences and the Future of Your Staffing Firm

Business People Networking at a ConferenceYou may feel as if you’re too busy to attend a yearly staffing conference, but we assure you that taking the time to do so can be great for your business. Not only can you meet and network with others in your vertical, you can find vendors that could change your business, learn something new, or ink your next big deal. [more]

Meeting at the Intersection of Technology and Talent

Advance is excited to attend several conferences this fall, including SIA Collaboration in the Gig Economy. This conference “meets at the intersection of technology and talent,” and, in our opinion, is a must for the staffing industry.

As the gig economy continues to grow (an estimated nearly 50% of the working American population will move into the gig economy within five years), it is imperative for your staffing firm to be ready to meet this demand.

Supporting Women in Leadership

We will also have a presence at ASA Staffing World 50th Anniversary Conference, where attendees have extensive opportunities to network as well as learn in multiple areas. We are especially looking forward to attending sessions like “Superwomen: How Executives Tap into their Core Strengths”.

Our clients that run women-owned firms are facing more opportunity than ever in this industry, and staffing firms that support women in leadership can benefit from sessions like these and others.

Preparing for the “Internet of Things”

NMSDC is one of the most powerful conferences of the year, bringing in the best and brightest speakers and teachers, as well as providing opportunities for more intensive learning. One plenary session, “Are MBE’s Ready for the ‘Internet of Things’?”, promises to offer information beyond simply, “do you have the right software for your firm”.

Instead, it will specifically address the digital interconnectedness at every level of both your staffing firm and the individuals you serve. We always encourage our clients to think strategically as they grow their business, and this session will help to change the way you think about technology, staffing and growth.

No matter which conferences you attend in the next year, take the time away from your business to recharge, learn and connect with individuals who can give you the support and encouragement you need. And stop by and chat with Advance Partners representatives to see how we can support growth in your staffing firm.

Advance Partners will be at the following conferences this fall. Come say hello and learn how we can help your business grow!

Advance Partners attending representative: Jeanne Michaelides 
Dates: September 21-24 
Location: Austin, TX 

SIA Collaboration in the GIG Economy 
Advance Partners attending representatives: Gary Paparizos, Sue Benuck 
Dates: September 21-22 
Location: Las Vegas, NV 
Kiosk number:

Advance Partners attending representatives: Jeanne Michaelides, Barbara Hammerberg 
Dates: October 23-26 
Location: Chicago, IL 
Booth number: 481 

ASA Staffing World 50th Anniversary Conference
Advance Partners attending representatives: Gary Paparizos, Jack Terrana 
Dates: October 25-27 
Location: San Diego, CA
Booth number: 409