Formula for Success in Offshore Recruiting

Offshore Recruiting for Staffing Firms We regularly talk to our staffing firm clients about their top challenges. Based on that feedback, as well as industry trends, effective recruiting is one of the biggest growth challenges for staffing firms. One potential solution is offshore recruiting. What is offshore recruiting exactly? Well, it can take many forms, but essentially it is reallocating certain tasks from your staffing firm to be fulfilled by an offshore firm with the intention of lowering costs and increasing the productivity of your in-house recruiting.   

However, like anything, there is no magic wand to solve a problem or implement a solution. There’s a lot to consider. Offshore recruiting can be new and unfamiliar territory. What are the benefits? What are the watch outs? How do you know if it’s right for you? How do you measure success? What does success look like? Whew. That’s a lot of questions.  But that’s ok. Taking the steps to learn more and evaluate your options is a good.  It’s a process. [more]

As a first step, consider if any of the following apply to you and your staffing firm:

  1. You have more job openings than candidates
  2. Your recruiting costs are hurting your staffing firm's profitability
  3. You aren't able to deliver qualified candidates as quickly as your competitors
  4. You want to compete and succeed in an MSP/VMS environment but are concerned about tight margins and fast response times

If any of these ring a bell for your staffing firm, it could very well be worth considering offshore recruiting as a solution.  Step one complete. 

Now, you’re probably interested in best practices, case studies and other important factors for success and determining if offshore recruiting is right for your staffing business. 

Take a few minutes to learn more and watch an educational webinar on Offshore Recruiting.