5 Facts All Staffing Firm Owners Need to Know

New surveys released by Staffing Industry Analysts this spring and summer provided information you should consider as you continue to grow your staffing firm. Check out the seven facts below that can have an immediate impact on your business.  [more]

  1. Good leadership=happy employees

Employees consistently stated that good leadership is key to personal job satisfaction. They commonly listed characteristics of a good leader—like competence, honesty and integrity—as qualities that contributed to high satisfaction in the workplace.

Key takeaway: It’s no surprise that some of the fastest growing staffing firms have great leaders. Make sure your internal employees are appreciated for their efforts, have clear goals and objectives and are not overworked…all things that start with solid leadership from your top people.

  1. Technology should be your friend, not your foe

Internal employees said that out-of-date technology was a main weakness in their firms. Some stated that it was simply an update issue that needed to happen, while others said their firm simply couldn’t afford the technology and processes that other, bigger firms might have access to.

Key takeaway: If you haven’t updated your software in the last several years, it’s time. If you’re working with old, outdated technology, it is worth the investment to upgrade. If you need to outsource some of the key technological components of your business, do it! It can save major headaches in the long run and free you up to focus on your growth now.

  1. Only 23% of temps actually want to be temps.

The vast majority of temporary workers want full-time placement and do not want to perform temporary work long-term. While some may want to be full-time contractors, this doesn’t mean they want to bounce from placement to placement.

Key takeaway: Understand the goals of your temporary workforce thoroughly and make sure to clearly communicate if an assignment can lead to permanent placement. It’s not as if your temporary workforce will be unhappy if they don’t find permanent work right away, but it’s good to recognize that many of your temps see your service as a (helpful and necessary!) transition to something else. Plus, it goes a long way to keeping temps happy, which is always important to future growth.

  1. Honesty is the best policy

Temporary workers are looking for staffing firms they feel are trustworthy and respectful of their time, desires and expectations. These same temporary workers stated that communication is a huge part of this equation and prefer that their staffing agency be as honest as possible, even if it’s not “good news.”

Key takeaway: How transparent are you with your temporary staffing force? Are your internal employees sometimes hesitant to communicate clearly because they are afraid of reactions they might get? Are your processes themselves unclear and difficult to communicate effectively? Be honest…your temporary workforce will appreciate it and be more likely to recommend you to others.

  1. Customer service + effective execution are critical to temp satisfaction.

Organization is the key factor here, since temporary employees that were happy with their staffing agency consistently stated that their firms had good communication, listened effectively and placed workers in positions that were a “good fit.”

Key takeaway: You’re in the business of staffing, but sometimes the day-to-day aspects of running your firm can take valuable time and energy from your main focus. Communicate processes clearly to internal employees, hire more if needed or work with a partner who can manage your back office and free you to do what you do best: grow your business.

Did any of these facts surprise you? Request a free consultation today to learn how Advance Partners can help your staffing firm benefit from these trends.