3 Reasons to Fund Your Security Guard Firm with Advance

Security Guard FundingSecurity guard companies operate differently than typical staffing firms, but face similar challenges when it comes to funding. Security guard companies rarely get paid up front and may have to absorb the burden of employee payroll for weeks or months before customers pay their invoices. That cash flow gap can be tough financially, especially for a small company or a company in a period of growth. [more]

Like typical staffing firms, it is important that your security guard firm work with a funding source that understands your unique challenges, and offers the flexible funding you need to run your business. That’s why, in this blog post, we’re outlining three major reasons why you should consider a company like Advance Partners to fund your security guard company:

We understand the nuances of your business

As a security guard company, certain variables could impact your billing and payment structures. If a job requires armed security guards in a high risk area, your insurance costs may increase. If a job requires training or expensive communication equipment, you could exceed your bank-issued credit limits. If you operate on a contractual agreement or variable shift schedule, you may have to reconcile these disparities to keep your business running smoothly. Advance understands that these expenses are normal in your industry, so we anticipate and plan for these potential costs. 

Funding with Advance is more flexible than a bank

Many security guard companies go to a bank to secure funding, but banks typically look for hard assets to back up a loan. As a security guard company, your assets are your people, and as a result, you may face harsh credit limits and restrictions with a bank. Because Advance understands the challenges of security guard firms, we offer not only flexible funding, but also customized back office support.

We specialize in funding so you don’t have to …

If you are an entrepreneur in the security guard industry, chances are that your strengths are in security and sales – not payroll. You have the expertise and vision that lead to overall growth and business success, so you shouldn’t allow yourself to get bogged down with day-to-day operational tasks or worry about securing working capital. Advance Partners specializes in payroll funding and back office support, so you are freed up to focus on growing your business.

Secure your funding through Advance and get the upfront cash and back office support you need to run your security guard company. For more information, visit the Payroll Funding and Back Office Operations sections of our website.

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