Advance Announces Impressive Client Growth Trends

Advance Partners has compiled annual data comparing growth rates of their staffing firm payroll funding clients versus the entire staffing industry over the last four years. The staffing industry as a whole has experienced positive growth, between 4% and 13% each year, while Advance clients have experienced growth between 12% and 20% each year. Averaging the past four years, Advance clients are growing at a rate more than double the industry average (15% vs 7%).

“It’s our company mission to help staffing firms grow,” states Joel Adelman, CEO of Advance, “The staffing industry is a challenging and competitive industry, but our financial , operational and strategic support gives independent staffing firms the tools and resources they need to achieve growth.”

“It’s not a coincidence our clients grow faster than the industry average,” explains Adam Stern, President of Advance, “We offer powerful solutions. We know how to identify capable and motivated staffing entrepreneurs. And most importantly, it’s because of our people at Advance. They are experienced, driven and laser focused on helping clients grow and succeed.”

Advance Partners, founded in 1998, and based in Cleveland, Ohio, is the leading provider of financial, operational and strategic support to independent staffing firms. Advance serves as a business partner with a simple mission: To help staffing firms grow. Advance’s customizable solutions include payroll funding, commercial finance, back office support and a variety of strategic services.

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