Affordable Care Act Planning in the Staffing Industry

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the most extensive health care legislation in decades, and it presents significant challenges for the temporary staffing industry. The law isn't going away, and staffing firms that are educated and prepared will be far better off than those that may be "sticking their head in the sand" and facing potential tax penalties.

The ACA experts at Advance provide access to internal and external resources to help temporary staffing firms determine whether it is in their best interest to “pay or play” when it comes to Affordable Care Act compliance. If it's in your best interest to "play" we can connect you with insurance brokers that understand the challenges of low participation rates in the staffing industry and can provide affordable coverage options.

Additionally, full-service clients of Advance have access to an integrated software solution to help keep their staffing firm compliant with ACA regulations without wasting time on extensive administrative tracking.

Advance’s ACA planning tools include: 


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