About Advance Partners

Advance Partners is the #1 provider of financial, operational and strategic support to independent staffing firms. Advance Partners serves as a business partner with a simple mission: To help staffing firms grow. Advance’s customizable solutions include payroll funding, commercial finance, back office support and a variety of strategic services. If you're looking for Advance Group or Advance Payroll, you're in the right place! We rebranded our company in October 2014 but still have the same excellent team in place to help your staffing agency.


Advance helps staffing firms grow. We provide services, support, and capital with a passion for excellence and a commitment to outstanding customer service.


Advance will remain the leading provider of integrated services to support small and growing temporary staffing firms. We will measure and achieve this vision by:

  • Increasing numbers of extremely satisfied clients
  • Attracting and empowering great people
  • Continual process improvement


Entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs. We are leaders living our values with our people, company, clients and community.

  • Do the right thing: Integrity, trust, dependability and transparency.
  • Make a personal connection: Reach out, be approachable, talk, listen, and with mutual respect work together as a team.
  • Get committed: Accountability, ownership and loyalty.
  • Be fast and flexible: People and process ready, willing and able.
  • Be creative: Use your imagination, challenge assumptions, take smart risks, focus on solutions and have fun!
  • Evolve - move forward: Understand, think, learn, teach, develop and delegate. Grow.
  • Win: Do it right, keep score, get results and achieve goals.

“We truly are entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs, growing from a start-up ourselves to the largest provider of integrated funding solutions to the temporary staffing and labor industries within our first decade in business.”

Joel Adelman,

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Our customizable solutions include:

Our clients:

  • 350+ Independently Owned Staffing Firms with 500+ offices
  • 80 Clients Actively Filling Orders in MSP Programs
  • Start-Ups to $100 Million in Annual Billing
  • All Staffing Models and Verticals
  • $1.6+ Billion in Annual Billing


Request a free consultation to learn more about how Advance can help your staffing firm grow. 

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